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Avoid These 20 Pitfalls To Keep Your Personal Power

Ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Stuck? Hopeless? These emotions often come about when we’ve let go of our personal power. We’ve either given that power to other people, or we’ve lost that power because of our own flawed belief system.

Remember, self awareness is the first step to improvement.

Step back into your power by saying no to the following mindsets and behaviors.

  1.     Caring too much about what other people think.
  2.     Ignoring your gut.
  3.     Forgetting there’s more than one way to accomplish a goal.
  4.     Assuming passion is an extracurricular activity.
  5.     Not knowing what you want.
  6.     Believing you’re not worthy.
  7.     Letting fear drive your decisions.
  8.     Waiting for every detail to line up before acting.
  9.     Failing to live your core values.
  10.     Believing your excuses.
  11.     Forgetting that you can always choose again.
  12.     Allowing conventional wisdom to dictate your options.
  13.     Not knowing your own strengths.
  14.     Personalizing your failures.
  15.     Choosing to be unhappy.
  16.     Allowing anyone – or anything – make you feel “less than.”
  17.     Believing that this is as good as it’ll ever be.
  18.     Choosing the “devil you know” instead of what you really want.
  19.     Assuming that being truly happy is a pipedream.
  20.     Failing to embrace the whole you, flaws and all.

Do you recognize any of these mindsets and behaviors?  Do you have any to add to the list?

Source: Forbeswomen

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