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Michael Clarke Duncan Remains On Respirator After Heart Attack

‘Green Mile’ actor Michael Clarke Duncan remains hospitalized and on a respirator after suffering a heart attack early Friday morning but doctors are hopeful for a full recovery.

At 2am Friday morning the 325 pound actor went into cardiac arrest but was reportedly saved when his girlfriend Omarosa Stallworth performed CPR….until paramedics arrived.

While paramedics have not confirmed Omarosa’s part in saving Michael’s life her former Celebrity Apprentice boss Donald Trump was in a congratulatory mood on Friday telling the news,

“I’m very proud of Omarosa. She is one of my all-time favorites. She showed great poise under pressure, and I’m not surprised to hear this news.”

Since arriving at the hospital, Michael, 54, has remained on a respirator in ICU but sources close to the actor said he’s “fighting like a mutha” for his life and he’s “breathing above the respirator.”

Another added to TMZ after tests were performed that Michael has a “very strong heartbeat” and doctors are optimistic.

It was believed the actor may suffer some kind of paralysis since he has remained sedated since Friday however as time has passed and his condition improving that scenario seems less likely.

A neighbor who chose to remain anonymous revealed to NY Daily News that Michael “….looked perfectly healthy, but a heart attack can strike without much warning.”

We wish Michael a full recovery!

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