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Sarah Palin: Condoleezza Rice Would Be ‘Wonderful’ VP

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin jumped on the “Condoleezza Rice for Vice President” bandwagon yesterday by saying she would be a “wonderful vice president.”

This comes a day after Matt Drudge wrote an item on the Drudge Report claiming that the former Secretary of State was considered a leading contender to be Mitt Romney’s running mate—a claim that has more validity than most of the wild speculation in Washington because Drudge is a close friend of Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades.

“She has much more experience than our sitting President does today,” Palin said of Rice—though it’s hard to see how anyone who has never been president could have more experience making presidential decisions than Obama, who has been doing it for four years.

Some have speculated that because Rice has said she is pro-choice, that would be a deal breaker for the Romney folks, who have said they needed an anti-abortion running mate (although Romney himself said he was pro-choice as recently as 2002). But Palin said that Rice’s pro-choice status shouldn’t be a big deal.

“We need to remember, though, that it’s not the vice president that would legislate abortion, and that would be Congress’s role. And we’ll keep that in mind,” Palin said.

Despite all the speculation, perhaps the biggest factor working against Rice as running mate is the fact that Rice has stated on more than one occasion that she has no interest in the job and that she doesn’t even like politics. Rice has never run for elected office, so though she has seen the rigors of campaigning from afar, she has never had to actually traverse the country on a daily basis, giving the same speeches over and over to crowds of strangers. That’s a lot to ask of a woman who says she doesn’t even have an interest in being vice president. The Romney folks may stick with the politicians who have been actively campaigning for the job—such as Florida Senator Marco Rubio or Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal.





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