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Cuba and Norway Sign Agreement to Help Haiti

HAVANA, Cuba – Cuba and Norway signed on Thursday in this capital a triangular agreement for the implementation of the third program of humanitarian aid for Haiti, a nation devastated by an earthquake in 2010.

The document was signed by Hohn Petter Opdahl, Norwegian ambassador to Cuba, and Marcia Cobas and Ileana Nuñez, the island’s deputy ministers for Public Health and Foreign Trade and Investment, respectively.

The two nations ratified their commitment to increase the quality of health services for the Haitian people, which has also suffered as a result of floods and cholera epidemics, among other evils.

The Cuban officials and Jean Victor Geneus, Haiti’s ambassador to Havana, thanked Norway for its cooperation dedicated to maintain sustainability in order to prevent a devastating epidemic of cholera and of transmissible diseases, as well as strengthening medical assistance services in isolated places.

The agreement will favor the execution of an 800,000 dollar-financing, in order to continue consolidating the work of the Cuban Medical Brigades in these tasks.
Geneus expressed his gratitude towards Cuba for the presence of health professionals in his country, who were also present there in 1998 after the passage of Hurricane George, he stressed.

Norway is among the first countries in the world giving donations to Haiti, said ambassador Opdahl.

Source: Cuba News

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3 thoughts on “Cuba and Norway Sign Agreement to Help Haiti

  1. Lui Segui says:

    Why doesn't The USA stop terrorizing Cuba! End The Embargo! Humberto thank you for the video showing what an embargo by big USA can do on little island. loser

  2. Lui Segui says:

    I lived in Central Dos Rios right next to Palma Soriano for 10 years that was a very poor area all set up for sugarcane economy. USA #1 Bully..and Humberto says…. Lets blame the Cuban Government! I say USA/Cuba Embargo 50 years of Terrorism American Style.

  3. Ross Pakka says:

    and America thanks you and all the other tax payers for your support.

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