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Tameka Raymond's Son Accident Prompts New Custody Deal From Usher

Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond may have one less thing to worry about after the tragic accident of her 11-year old son Kile Glover. Tameka and Usher married in 2007 but the marriage was short lived. Two years and two sons later the couple divorced. Earlier this year Tameka and Usher became entangled in a nasty custody battle where each fought for full custody of their two boys.

In the midst of their heated custody battle, Tameka’s 11-year old son was in a tragic jet ski accident at Lake Lanier that reportedly left him brain dead. The Grammy-award winning artist who grew close to Kile is reportedly devastated. Reports surfaced that the entertainer provided his private plane to get Tameka close to her son. Now it appears Usher is taking it a step further and wants to hand over “majority” custody of his two sons to Tameka.

The conversation initially began this past weekend according to TMZ where Usher offered split custody and an increase in child support. Tameka said no-way. After going back to the drawing board Usher’s attorney is reportedly preparing to offer majority custody to Tameka with a significant increase in child support.

The public is a bit torn over Usher’s decision. Some readers are applauding the move while others believe 50/50 custody is fair to everyone involved.

Do you think Usher will lose later for being sympathetic to Tameka now?


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