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Omarosa Saves Boyfriend Michael Clarke Duncan’s Life

Television personality Omarosa Stallworth’s quick action might have saved her boyfriend Michael Clarke Duncan’s life, as she reportedly performed CPR on him after she found him in cardiac arrest at his Southern California home.

Stallworth successfully revived the large 6-5 actor after she called for help when she found him at 2 a.m. Duncan remains in intensive care at a L.A. hospital, according to TMZ. Stallworth has been by his side the entire time. Doctors are trying to figure out why his heart stopped.

Duncan, 54, is best known for his Oscar-nominated role alongside Tom Hanks in The Green Mile. Stallworth, 38, is best known for being a manipulative but clever participant on The Apprentice in 2004. She has been dating Duncan since 2010, when the two met in the produce section at Whole Foods. Stallworth’s older brohter Jack was found dead in his Youngstown, Ohio home in October 2011 at the age of 40.


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