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First Lady Obama Appearance in Miami Met with Opposition

First Lady Michelle Obama, considered one of her husbands biggest weapons, made Florida the latest stop on her schedule to remind voters of all that her husband has done. But the visit was not without controversy: Republican members of the Miami-Dade school board were adamantly against her coming.

“The use of public schools whose only focus should be to educate our children for political gain is downright wrong,” said board member Renier Diaz de la Portilla. “Don’t these liberals have boundaries? Our schools are places for learning, not places for politicking.”

Carlos Curbelo also questioned the motivations of the Obama campaign for using the high school. “Allowing the first lady of the United States to use one of our schools explicitly to benefit the president’s reelection campaign is inappropriate and sends the wrong message to our students, employees, and to taxpayers – even if the president’s campaign is willing to pay for all costs resulting from the event,” he said in a statement.

The board members pushed for the event to be cancelled but were unsuccessful. Ironically, the complaints came the same day Mitt Romney was speaking at a high school in Colorado.

Florida is considered to be a major battleground state and holds 29 Electoral College votes. President Obama holds a very narrow lead over Mitt Romney in the polls so Florida votes could be a deciding factor in this election.

The first lady made her appearance at Barbara Goleman Senior High School in Miami to recruit support for her husband’s reelection and to encourage people to register to vote. According to the Miami Herald the first lady spoke of her husband’s work to create jobs and the values of his healthcare reform initiative, including easier access to birth control and allowing over 6 million young adults to remain on their parents’ insurance until they turn 26.

She told her audience to register to vote and to get people close them to do the same. “Multiply yourselves,” she told them. As she closed her speech, she posed a question to her the crowd of a thousand. “Let me ask you one more question?” she asked.  “Are you all in? ‘Cause I’m in. I’m so way in, and I am so fired up.” She was met with enthusiastic applause.

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20 thoughts on “First Lady Obama Appearance in Miami Met with Opposition

  1. It doesn't matter what Mrs. Obama or President Obama do or say, the Republicans will have something negative to say about it. Let's just keep moving along… patiently… and I know that I, together with millions of others, will be very happy when President Obama and the rest of the country can get back to work… in the White House. Senator Romney… you had better put together Plan B and take it very seriously.

  2. Ron Phillips says:

    I think she's a great First Lady. And so was Laura Bush. Either one would be someone I would want speaking to our kids, they're great role models. Especially for young girls, who don't have a lot of positive role models.

  3. Hey Ron! get real man Michelle Obama couldn't make a patch on Laura Bush's derriere.People thatthink like you sometimes make me regret that I'm an American,your an embarrassment to the nation.

  4. Get back to work doing what Leslie, destroying the country fully, he is halfway there now, so your agreeing with his assault on the constitution. Did you fall on your head lately, because you are really in a daze.

  5. Eugene Hunst says:

    This is the last person I would want saying anything to my kids. I did pretty good raising mine and I didn't have some ole hag stick her nose into the upraising. She can back to Chicago and just shut up about anything.

  6. Eugene Hunst says:

    Where have you been each and every day? obama is always throwing trash and garbage out trying to influence the people to vote for him. The best thing for this country is obama to be IMPEACHED AND THEN JAIL TIME.

  7. Moochelle, I hope you have enough suitcases, cause you and your Socialist husband are outta' here come November 6th…we don't want you and your "wannabe white" hair-do anymore.

  8. Leslie, so you're going to send them moving expenses as of November 7th?? How sweet. You dolt.

  9. Leslie do you mean like the democrats blame all their failures on Bush for eight years, but at least the man had some dignity he didn't go on late night shows
    and criticise those that derided him. On the other hand Obama is constantly trying to turn the people against each other. At one time the democrats had some good people in their party but they have been co-opted by socialist, communist's and even the Wall street protesters, 90% of the OCW crowd don't even know what they are protesting.
    The so-called progressives who in reality are just plain and simple communist's led by George Soros. No i will agree that Romney is not the ideal candidate but he knows how to create jobs unlike Obama who has shut down the oil pipeline, the drilling for oil, and the gas expolration which has cause the loss of thousands of jobs. The crux of the hate against Romney is envy and jealousy, liberal democrats hate anyone that has the least bit more than they do.
    This election is about this country gaining back it's respect in the world, and under Obama we are daily losing that respect, I don't tell anyone who to vote for all I know is I will vote for the Romney ticket because we cannot afford 4 more years of a President like Obama, just at least go and vote, but first look into what kind of programs each candidate has in mind and vote for who you think will be the best man to get America out of the hole we are in.

  10. Rita Grace says:

    Leslie L. Kaye,My family are somewhere in the middle.But we`r smart enough to know. This Nation cannot afford another 4 years of losers and users! As for having class.That`s something a person is born with.News Flash/ haven`t seen any from them yet! We may not have been a total Bush fan.But ,Laura Bush had more class in her little finger,than this Queen Bee ever will!!

  11. No Jack you ARE the embarrasment

  12. Judith Campbell says:

    She spent the last 4 years on a luxury Vacation. how about telling moochelle to give up her multi-million dollar vacations and their lavish parties for idiot film people.

  13. Judith Campbell says:

    Get back to work???? Leslie- Obama sleeps late,does not go to the morning briefings but does go to the golf course. And leaves on a vacation when ever we have a crisis. Leaving the country to be run by his handlers the unelected socialist czar's.

  14. Michael Anthony says:


  15. Your all angry because Moochelle is twice the man you'll ever be.

  16. Kalu Mennen says:

    After reading the crap written here it's no wonder you and yours all ignorant people are upside down in your houses and literally penniless and people from all over the world are being brought here by companies paid handsomely and or jobs are being shipped overseas. Dumb people cannot hold jobs or think straight. Please elect republicans . There are plenty of kids smart kids in the world who are waiting to come here and work or work in their own countries for a pretty penny.

  17. Yeah, I'd be all in too if the tax-payers spent $1.4B on my family for vacations, etc. I'd be fired up too! I think what she should have said was "I am so fired".

  18. "Miss"{ Obama. LOL Well maybe it is "miss" who knows?

  19. Junior Nash says:


  20. Pj Lewis says:

    Michael, do you have anything positive to contribute to the discussion? I think not…you have been insulting to so many other pollsters. Then you post this fawning screed about the First Lady, but get her appellation wrong.

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