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Loud Sex Sounds Do Not Equal Enjoyment

Research has finally nailed women’s deepest, darkest, secret — we’re really loud during sex.

On top of people telling us to grunt less during tennis, a new poll suggests that women are too noisy in bed. The poll by UK-based sex store Love Honey, found most women are often louder than their partners during sex, according to WA Today.

Out of 1171 people who were polled, there was a split between how men and women had sex — and the sounds that come out of it. At least 94 per cent of women said they were louder than their partners in bed and 70 per cent of men agreed.

Female orgasms have always been on the tip of people’s tongues. In April, experts had to prove that female orgasms even existed, and last year, we got to see the first video of our brain on the Big O. In May, the Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey, found 84 per cent of men in Canada could reach an orgasm compared to only 31 per cent of women.

But just because we’re making sounds, it doesn’t necessarily mean someone is pushing all the right buttons. A 2010 sex survey found 80 per cent of women faked orgasms, according to The report discovered women used vocalizations to speed up the process because of fatigue, discomfort, time and even boredom. Another study found that women’s “copulatory vocalizations” were reportedly made before and during male ejaculation and not during their own orgasms.

But there is some good news for all that noise — especially when we do have orgasms. Having that extra stimulation causes blood to rush into our genital tissue, keeping it refreshed, according to Orgasming can also help you maintain your weight, sleep better at night and even double a woman’s tolerance for pain.

Whatever it may be, keep doing your thing, ladies — in silence or not.

Source: Huffington Post

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