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Exiled Georgia Back Isaiah Crowell Lands At HBCU

Just two weeks after being kicked off of Georgia’s football team because of a weapons charges, running back Isaiah Crowell has decided to enroll at Alabama State.

Hornets coach Reggie Barlow was excited, as expected. “I talked with Mrs. Debbie, Isaiah’s mom, and I really wanted to get clearance from them to be able to go ahead and say that it was a go. She’s given me permission to do that,” Barlow told UGASports. “He’s been admitted and will start our second session of summer school on Monday.”

Crowell will be immediately eligible this fall, but still has some major legal hurdles to clear. After being stopped at a police checkpoint, a search of the car revealed a handgun under the driver’s seat. The gun was unregistered, had the serial number filed off and Crowell was in a school zone when he was stopped. The arrest led to two felony weapons charges that could lead to up to five years in jail.

Crowell hired high profile lawyer Steve Sadow and hopes to avoid jail time as a first-time offender.

Barlow told UGASports that Crowell’s impending legal issues shouldn’t be a problem and the team will proceed like he’ll be part of the team in the fall.

“As we were showing him around that’s one of the things I heard him whispering to his mom, ‘Man, a new beginning,'” Barlow told UGASports. “I imagine he’s got the thought process of having the opportunity to restore his name, his credibility and all that.”

Crowell rushed for 850 yards and five touchdowns for the Bulldogs — good for as highly touted a recruit as he was, but not great. Worse, heĀ  was suspended twice and dealt with numerous injuries. But that didn’t stop some Alabama State players from bringing Crowell’s name to their coaches and asking them to pursue him.

“One of the things we did talk about with him is when you are trying to instill or regain your credibility,” Barlow said, “there’s going to be some things that you’re going to be asked to do in the community so that people understand that you are not a bad guy. Of course, he’s going to be expected to follow team rules.

“Our setup is a little different than Georgia, in that we probably don’t have the dorms, the luxury apartment styles and that, but as far as the rules, the regulations as far as the team, being on time, going to class, doing your community service stuff, that’s basically it and being an example for some younger guys who may sway away. We can say here’s what can happen if you do the wrong thing.”

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