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Chris Rock Moves On Past Controversial 4th Of July Tweet

Chris Rock tweet that set off a slew of backlash on Wednesday and Thursday is all but history. Rock’s tweet read,

“Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks.”

It didn’t take long before the responses came pouring in.

Libertarian-conservative blogger Jeff Schreiber responded: “Slavery existed for 2000yrs before America. We eradicated it in 100yrs. We now have a black POTUS. #GoFuckYourself.” While blogger David Burge added: “Good one! I bet your Guatemalan house staff got a good chuckle.”

Guess what Rock tweeted today?

“Just one day until ‘2 Days in New York’ is available to watch on demand and on iTunes!”

It’s back to work as usual….as it should be.

Were you offended by Chris Rock’s tweet?

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