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'Amazing Spider-Man' Expected To Snag $120 Million In Debut

 The Amazing Spider-man shows strength In Midnight Debut!

The Amazing Spider-man is expected to haul in big superhero numbers by the end of this weekend, according to some bullish box-office observers.

The movie earned $7.5 million from midnight showings during it’s U.S. premiere last night, with $1.2 million of it coming from 300 IMAX screens.

Prior to the healthy domestic kick-off  by the Sony superhero tentpole, the studio  projected the film would gross somewhere in the range of $110 to $120 million over the first six days.

They may have been a little modest, because after last nights performance, the reboot tied it’s predecessor Spider-man 3, which earned $7.5 million during its Friday midnight opening and went on to gross an impressive $151 million during the movie’s weekend debut.  Transformers also opened on a Tuesday to the the tune of $8.8 million during midnight showings and finished the weekend off with $155 million in earnings — further demonstrating how well The Amazing Spider-man can do with Monday nights built up momentum.

The 3D  action movie already has the overseas market in its web, where it opened to a stellar $50.1 million in only 13 territories over the weekend. The Amazing Spider-man soared high in Asia, led by Korea ($13.4 million) and Japan ($11.4 million), doing even better in some markets than the formidable box-office champion, The Avengers.

My spider senses tell me that the all new cast which includes Andrew Garfield , Emma Stone,  Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary and Martin Sheen has resonated well with males of various age groups and even some younger females who love a good superhero love story.

Although it’s no surprise that this amazing comic book character is a big draw to the moviegoers,  the film should cherish the moment and take advantage of the next two weeks, because The Dark Knight Rises lurks on the horizon.

Will you be caught up in Director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-man which is swinging through theaters right now?

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