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Savannah Brinson Engagement: LeBron James Shares Story With Oprah

Savannah and LeBron: In case you missed it Savannah Brinson’s NBA champion fiance LeBron James sat down with Oprah for “Oprah’s Next Chapter” and revealed how nervous he was to propose. LeBron immediately has a huge smile as Oprah brings up that special night. Here’s a bit from the preview when Oprah asked LeBron how he prepared to propose to Savannah,

“With my teammates –D Wade and Chris [Bosh]. I asked them and I was like, “I’m thinking about doing it on New Year’s’ because we were having a party. I knew all my teammates, friends and family were going to be there and I thought I was ready to make the next step in my commitment with Savannah. I had D Wade hold the ring for me the all night because I didn’t want her to bump up against me and feel the ring. I asked him [for the ring] right after the ball dropped and he was like, “You ready?” and I said, “If you don’t give me this ring right now, I ain’t gonna to do it.”

Savannah and LeBron are beyond adorable – we wish these two the best!!


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