Obama Has Slight Edge Over Romney in 3 Key States: NC, Mich, NH

A new poll suggests President Obama and Mitt Romney are close to even in the battleground states of North Carolina, Michigan and New Hampshire, with Obama holding slight leads in Michigan and North Carolina and New Hampshire a dead heat.

The poll by NBC News-Marist indicates that while Obama may not be in position to come away with the overwhelming double-digit wins he had in Michigan and New Hampshire in 2008 over John McCain, but he’s still in good shape for November—particularly since the poll respondents don’t really think Romney would do a better job with the economy, which has been his sole campaign platform.

Obama leads Romney by 4 points in Michigan (47 to 43), by 2 points in North Carolina (46 to 44) and they are even at 45 in New Hampshire.

When asked which candidate would do a better job handling the economy, respondents in Michigan said Obama, 44 to 42, while they are tied in North Carolina at 43 and Romney is ahead in New Hampshire, 46 to 42.

Romney’s best showing in the three states is in New Hampshire, which borders Massachusetts, where Romney was governor.

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