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Mass. Sen. Brown Calls on Atty Gen Holder to Resign

The heated Senatorial race in Massachusetts veered into the political theater currently going on in the House, as Senator Scott Brown called on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign, calling him a “distraction,” while Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren blasted Brown for taking part in the theatrics.

Brown made his comments during a one-person debate on a television show called “NightSide” with Dan Rea. Warren decided to pass on appearing with Brown. Brown has been trying to walk a difficult tight rope in politically moderate Massachusetts. He has gotten heat from Republicans for stances that some of them consider too moderate, so he appears eager to take every opportunity he can to establish his conservative bona fides. Attacking Holder would definitely fall into that category.

“He can’t effectively serve the president,” Brown said. “For the best interest of the country, I think he should step down and resign. He’s lost the confidence of the American people. Certainly he’s lost the confidence of Congress. He misled Congress. They have a right to know.”

Brown is referring to the Justice Department’s early denials about the ATF Fast and Furious Operation, which Holder had to come along later and correct. Holder is facing a planned contempt vote today by the House.

But Brown’s challenger said her opponent was merely playing politics.

“Just one more politician,” Warren said about Brown in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show.” “I mean this is really all about politics and playing this game in Washington. And the Republicans think they’ve got something here, and he’s just trying to see if he can turn up the temperature on it. I think this is why people get disgusted by politics.”

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