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Beauty Supply Conference Slated For Atlanta

In an industry where black women spend billions a year, there hardly are black owners of beauty supply stores. And that is the very reason the Beauty Supply Institute will host its 3rd-annual Beauty Supply Entepreneurship Summer Conference in Atlanta on August 4.

The idea is to provide store start-up information to inspire African-Americans to regain a major presence in industry ownership.  From a consumer standpoint blacks dominant the beauty supply industry, while only owning 3 percent of the stores nationwide.

Beauty Supply Institute, an organization founded in 2007 as Taking it Back University, trains hundreds of individuals annually on how to get into the $15 billion dollar beauty supply sector of which 96% of the revenues generated are by blacks. The institute estimates there are 13,300 beauty supply stores nationwide and only about 400 are black-owned.

The BSI’s  first resource was the best-selling book, “Taking it Back: How to Become Successful Black Beauty Supply Store Owner” and now has almost 20 courses, business plan development, location selection services and more.

The Atlanta conference will cover  How to Become a Beauty Supply Store, Beauty Supply Resources, Product Database file and a Quick Start tips audio CD. Learn more and how to register at

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