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Bobbi Kristina’s Snub Of Bobby Brown’s Wedding Explained

Bobbi Kristina didn’t attend her father Bobby Brown’s June 18 wedding to Alicia Etheridge simply ”because she did not like his partner”.

Reportedly, the former New Edition singer tried to get his daughter with the late Whitney Houston to attend his wedding, Bobbi Kristina ignored every attempt.

“Bobby Brown was desperate for her to go to his recent wedding, but she would not return his calls,” a source close to the 19-year-old tells Us Weekly.

When the “My Prerogative” singer saw his attempts were going ignored, he sought out a third party.

“Bobby got a go-between to contact Bobbi Kristina to try and persuade her, but she told them she was not going because she did not like Alicia, and that she was [busy] filming her reality show with [aunt] Pat Houston in New York,” the insider shares.

Speaking of Pat, who is doing her best to be a mother in Whitney’s stead, allegedly didn’t try to sway Bobbi Kristina’s decision to not attend the wedding because she dislikes Bobby as well.

“Pat does not like Bobby Brown and was pleased that Bobbi Kristina did not go to the wedding, as she feels that her father will always try and take advantage of her.”

Over the years, Bobby Brown’s relationship with his daughter has deteriorated, marred by long periods of estrangement. Most recently, the pair reunited during a tense NYC lunch in April.

Bobbi Kristina “was on her phone and texting a crazy amount,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly. “She didn’t seem too thrilled to be there, in all honesty.”

And we’re certain the wedding opt-out was another added strain.

“It’s a sad situation, but at the moment they’re not getting along,” the insider reveals. “The wedding snub hasn’t helped with their relationship.”




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