Flo Rida Slapped with $7K Fine for Lying in Court


Rapper Flo Rida has been charged with a $7,000 fine for lying in court. He didn’t respond to a lawsuit in time because he claimed he was never served the papers. After a bit of investigation, the judge discovered that the performer was lying, pressing a fine on the rapper for seven grand.

Personal assistant Mahogany Miller filed a lawsuit against Flo Rida, demanding proper pay for her back breaking service as an employee. Miller claimed she worked relentlessly for Rida, only to receive $3.08 an hour. But Rida insisted that Miller was merely an unpaid intern, and that the paper work detailing the lawsuit was sent to a woman he did not know and to the wrong address. Each of Rida’s claims turned out to be complete fabrications.

Rida later admitted his attachment to the original address listed, and acknowledged that the woman who received the papers, Stephany Nelson, was his employee. The judge concluded the rapper’s deception was “premeditated” and ordered him to pay Mahogany Miller $7,000 dollars for her attorney fees.

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