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Rodney King: 911 Call Reveals Frantic Moments Before His Death

King and Kelley

Police in Rialto, CA, yesterday released the audio from the 911 call on which Rodney King’s fiance Cynthia Kelley can be heard crying and beseeching police to hurry to come help her get King out of the pool, but she said she couldn’t go in the water herself “because I don’t know how to swim that good.”

While autopsy results have yet to be released, Kelley’s call indicates that King fell into the water for some unknown reason. At one point she threw a shovel into the pool to rouse him, but she said he was still floating at the bottom.

“He’s at the bottom of the swimming pool,” Kelley said when the dispatcher asked if he was breathing. “I’ve been doing stuff to try to wake him up. Hurry up, please, please, please!”

The dispatcher asked Kelley how old the man was and she said, “Rodney King, the guy that got beat by the police…He’s 47 years old….I was sleep and all of a sudden I heard something fall like the table and I looked over and he’s at the bottom of the swimming pool. Oh My God, hurry up please!”

The chilling call lasted for 5-minutes and 15 seconds with Kelley crying the whole time and repeating, “Oh my God! This is crazy!”

When the officers arrive, they pulled King from the pool and began life-saving efforts. He was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police have said they have found no signs of foul play and are awaiting toxicology results, which will be used in conjunction with an autopsy performed Monday to determine how King died.

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