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Another Iconic Look for Spike Lee’s New Joint, ‘Red Hook Summer’

Spike Lee’s New Joint, ‘Red Hook Summer‘ – When you look back on the body of work by auteur Spike Lee, what stands out almost as impressively as what he puts on screen is what he puts on his one-sheets, the movie posters that help to stimulate the desire to see the movie.

The man who has led the creation of those posters, everything from Do The Right Thing to Malcolm X to Jungle Fever to Crooklyn and on and on, is Los Angeles-based artist, Art Sims.

The latest product from Art is the poster for Spike’s new joint, as the director famously refers to his films, is for Red Hook Summer, due to be released this summer.

I spoke with Art about the inspiration for the color-saturated art piece and he mentioned images from black churches he saw in London. The bold use of color is intended to allude to stained glass windows.

“I told Spike we need to do something really colorful that has a little bit of an edge to it”, recalled Sims.

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