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Usher Talks Fatherhood As Father’s Day Approaches

Usher, 33, is focusing on the good that has come from his failed marriage to Tameka Foster Raymond—his two sons. The “Climax” singer reflects on time spent with Usher V, 4, and Naviyd, 3 during this past Memorial Day.

“We used bottles of water and got totally soaked,” he recalls. “Naviyd won. It was a hot day, and it just happened. I love fun times like that.”

The impromptu water fight was timely considering the nastiness that has been brewing in a custody case between him and his ex-wife.

The Atlanta, Georgia resident went on to talk about the need to bond with his sons in all facets.

“Every time I open my mouth, I try to give as much advice as possible,” he explains. “If my children are unclear on something, I take the time to explain it to them,” he tells

Even if the situations calls for disciplining his sons: “Naviyd is addicted to peppermint, but he had already had dinner and dessert. So I told him he couldn’t have any candy, and he walked off. A couple of minutes later, when he thought I couldn’t hear, he was asking my mother if he could open a peppermint candy. He was trying to manipulate the situation.”

Professionally, Usher is set to release his new album, “Looking 4 Myself,” which hits stores Tuesday and he claims to be his most revealing yet.

“I do talk about my relationships,” he says. “I talk about my shortcomings, my transitions and my tumultuous story. This album is about my evolution. I like talking about what I feel.”


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