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Producer Shonda Rhimes Criticizes ABC's 'Bunheads' For Lack Of Diversity

Despite recent moves towards more inclusion, it’s no mystery that there remains a lack of diversity in casting in movies and on television.  In this day and age, one may wonder why the diverse makeup of our society is not better represented on TV and in cinema, and one Hollywood mover & shaker has spoken out about it.

Shonda Rhimes, creator of the very successful TV series Grey’s AnatomyPrivate Practice, and most recently Scandal, expressed her concerns about the lack of diversity on TV. Rimes took to twitter to criticize ABC Family’s Bunheads, created by Sherman-Palladino, which debuted on Monday.

The show tells the story of a Las Vegas showgirl who moves to a quiet town and becomes an instructor at the dance school her mother-in-law owns.

The following is her tweet and a response she received:

After some push back from other twitterers, the show creator clarified that she was a fan of Sherman-Palladino’s work, “ but is just taking up one issue with Bunheads.”

Is Rhimes wrong for highlighting the lack of diversity on Bunheads?  Give us your take.

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