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New Zombie Filled Trailer For 'Resident Evil: Retribution' 3D Unleashed

Since Resident Evil: Retribution hits theaters in September, a new trailer has been rolled out today featuring more apocalyptic zombie carnage.  The 3D trailer shows some of the great special effects and spectacular cinematography viewers can expect in the fifth installment of the franchise.

Starring Milla Jovovich, who has reprised her role in all five parts of the sci-fi movie, Resident Evil: Retribution looks real promising. Apart from the classic shoot-’em-up theme, grand explosions, and super tight S&M body suits worn by Jovovich, it appears that there will be another twist to the story.

Jovovich herself introduced the trailer in a live webcast Q&A session with fans, during which she revealed a few details.  She told the audience that this iteration of the sci-fi film has a little more humor, but just a little:

“I smile a couple of times,” she said. “That’s as funny as it gets.”

Resident Evil: Retribution is written by Paul W.S. Anderson.  He will also serve as director this time around, as he did in the first one. Besides Milla Jovovich, the movie stars Sienna Guillory and Michelle Rodriguez,  Barry Burton, and  Boris Kodjoe.   Jovovich and her crusade against the evil Umbrella Corporation debuts in theaters on September 14.

Check out the Resident Evil: Retribution trailer below and see more reasons why this franchise transcended the gamer niche.

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