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New Trailer Arrives For '2 Days In New York,' Starring Julie Delpy & Chris Rock

The official U.S. trailer has arrived for Julie Delpy’s  romance drama, 2 Days In New York.  The movie, a sequel to the hilarious 2 Days In Paris, stars Julie Delpy as Marion and Chris Rock as her live-in boyfriend, Mingus.

2 Days In New York continues to follow the worrisome and disorganized Marion, who moved from Paris to Manhattan. She now has a new interracial relationship with Rock’s character Mingus, and the couple lives together with the child she conceived with Jack (Adam Goldberg from the first film). After Marion’s family and ex-boyfriend suddenly comes to visit her from Paris, her sanctity and sanity is threatened as she faces two days filled with their unwitting racism,  sexual overtness, and outright obnoxiousness.

Not only does Deply star in the film, but she also directed it.  Other actors starring in the film include Aleksia Landeau, Albert Delpy (Delpy’s real life father), and Alexandre Nahon.  2 Days In New York can be watched via VOD on July 6th along with a theater debut on August 10.

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