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Spike Lee Says Romney Can’t ‘Hang’ With President Obama

Recent polls revealed that President Barack Obama certainly doesn’t have the upcoming presidential election in the bag, but Spike Lee believes that people’s opinions will change when the presidential election really kicks into gear.

“Its going to be obvious who should lead this country for the next four years once they go head to head, toe to toe, elbow to elbow, butt to butt,” exclaimed the film director and producer, Spike Lee.

Needless to say, Lee has never had much of a problem with speaking his mind. In a recent interview with GQ, Lee went on to say, “Once we get to the debates my man is going to tear him up! …I don’t think Mr. Romney can hang with him. He just can’t!”

Spike Lee also made it clear that in his opinion, the cause of some voters shying away from Obama isn’t strictly because of his race, as many people suggest.

“I can’t say to all the people that are unhappy with him that they’re racist people. People ain’t got jobs, people are hurting. So I don’t care what color you are, if people are out of work, it’s tough. And then when you’re the first African American president, that’s not helping either,” Lee explained.

Earlier this year Spike Lee hosted a fundraising event in New York for President Obama. His latest film, “Red Hook Summer,” will hit theaters in August. He also revealed that he is currently working on a documentary on the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album and a documentary on Brazil titled “Go Brazil Go.”

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