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Steve Carell Talks About His Concerns With Returning To 'Anchorman 2'

Production is underway for the second chapter of the Anchorman franchise and some actors are a little concerned about their characters’ roles this time around. This edition, Anchorman:The Legend Continues, will return most of the original News Team 4 crew. Now, after eight years, Will Ferrel as well as the rest of the main cast will have to revisit a character that they have long forgotten.

Before Steve Carell was the mega star that he is today, he played a simpleton weatherman named Brick Tamland. The whole movie was undoubtedly hilarious, but Carell’s performance was arguably a show stealer.

In the video below, asked Carell if he’s ready to return to such a wacky character as Brick, especially after playing more serious and grounded roles in films such as Seeking a Friend and last years’s Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Check out what he had to say about revisiting the character after so many years below:

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