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Young Girl Plays Violin for First Lady Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama stopped by a local bakery in Occoquan, Virginia, on Thursday where she received her own private performance by an adorable six-year-old violinist.

A camera crew from CBS, local residents, and the mayor of Occoquan were all waiting in Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery when the first lady came through the door. While locals opted for pictures and hugs with Mrs. Obama, the shy six-year-old covered up her mouth in amazement before trying to hide against her mother.

The first lady’s motherly instincts kicked in as she coaxed the young girl from hiding. After her mother suggested that she go grab her violin, six-year-old Sydney Trapp proved that she wasn’t just adorable; she was quite talented as well. Trapp played a rendition of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” which earned applause from everyone in the bakery, including the first lady who described the performance as “awesome.”

The impromptu performance even earned Sydney an invitation to next year’s White House Easter Egg Hunt.

The owner of the shop, Molly Glenn, rushed to clean up the bakery after receiving the news that “someone from D.C” would be stopping by. A few hours later she received another call saying that the “someone from D.C” would be Michelle Obama.

“I was so happy, and she was, honestly, so sweet. She was very, very kind,” Glenn said. The first lady made sure she didn’t leave the bakery before buying two pies.

Michelle Obama ended up in Virginia as she hit the campaign trail. Polls reveal that President Obama was leading Mitt Romney by 5 percent in the state, so the first lady stopped by to remind the people of Virginia just how important this election is. According to the first lady, the upcoming presidential election is key in determining the fate of America’s middle class.

The first lady told the crowd in Prince William County, “We have to keep moving forward. We’re working to finish what we started.”

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