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Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested For Allegedly CHOKING & PUNCHING 15-Year-Old Daughter

TV ministry personality, Creflo Dollar Jr., was arrested early this morning for allegedly choking his daughter and hitting her with a shoe.

Megachurch pastor and televangelist Creflo Dollar was arrested early Friday after authorities say he slightly hurt his 15-year-old daughter in a fight at his metro Atlanta home.

Fayette County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call of domestic violence at the home in unincorporated Fayette County around 1 a.m., Investigator Brent Rowan said. The 50-year-old pastor and his daughter were arguing over whether she could go to a party when Dollar “got physical” with her, leaving her with “superficial injuries,” Rowan said.

Dollar faces misdemeanor charges of simple battery and cruelty to children. He bonded out of Fayette County jail Friday morning. Dollar’s lawyer Nikki Bonner said he’s gathering information on the case and had no comment.

Dollar is the pastor for World Changers Church International in College Park, which serves nearly 30,000 members, according to the church’s website. World Changers Church-New York hosts over 6,000 worshippers each week, the website says. There are also four satellite churches in Georgia and others in Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Washington, Cleveland, Dallas and Houston.

He and his wife Taffi, a co-pastor at the church, have five children, according to the website.

Known for his pinstriped suits and charismatic sermons, Dollar was among a group of high-profile ministers whom Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley urged in 2007 to answer questions about their spending, board oversight and involvement in for-profit businesses.

Dollar resisted, comparing Grassley’s inquiries into church governance with questioning churchgoers about their prayers and confessions. The investigation wrapped up in January 2011 with no penalties for the pastors who refused to cooperate and no definitive findings of wrongdoing.

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15 thoughts on “Pastor Creflo Dollar Arrested For Allegedly CHOKING & PUNCHING 15-Year-Old Daughter


  2. Oh well it's the 15 year olds fault if it had been me she wouldn't have made it to the phone!

  3. Khary Weeden says:

    I'm still supporting brother Dollar. He is accountable to God for his family. Not this hypocritical government. At the same time Pastor Dollar it is not the 60's and 70's, it's 2012 and you have to take other kinds of measures to discipline your children. Everything about the old school isn't roses and peaches.

  4. Timothy Maloi says:

    I support and stand with Creflo, that is just but amongst the many schemes the devil is applying to bring down the body of CHRIST but wont succeed at it.

  5. He may have saved her life tonight.

  6. Ken Williams says:

    Brainwashed lemmings

  7. Jamie Kaufman says:

    Well it's only alleged and maybe he was trying to get the gay out of her! Don't judge Ken!

  8. Ken Williams says:

    I meant the media Jamie…..I'm sending clefto my dolla right now

  9. Horaceylle Drisdale says:


  10. I am 100 percent Creflo because anything could've happen at that party. Nowadays these kids are packing guns and all that. It's not, like back in the day when you could go to a party and have a goodtime. These days are extremely violent so he had every right to disicpline her but hopefully he did'nt leave her with any bruises because that's not a good look.

  11. Creflo Dollar is dude for real is that his REAL name? I smell a reality TV show in the works! coming soon " Ghost Hunters in the hood" etc.(Gurl git that cross outta yo you know what).

  12. Christy Owen says:

    Its sick that a grown man thinks its ok too put his hands on a wemon period.
    …send her too her room ,ground her you dnt have yo choke her. Does that make i feel like man ? News flash your wrong and you should ask for forgiveness

  13. Christy Owen says:

    I sure wouldnt want this man preaching to young men and let them believe that this is acceptable behavior for a grown man

  14. Christy Owen says:

    Jaime are u gay cause i dnt know many guys who dnt like that girls like girls. Your lying if you say you dnt

  15. Christy Owen says:

    If she is gay who cares is she hurting any one we are sappose to make love not WAR

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