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Jany Temime Talks How She Makes 'Bond' Star Daniel Craig Look So Good.

Jany Temime Talks How She Makes Bond Star Daniel Craig Look So Good.

James Bond is always portrayed as a handsome and dapper man. Despite chasing bad guys and regularly engaging in deadly hand to hand combat, he manages to keep the the look of a English gentleman.

In the latest behind the scenes look of Skyfall, costume designer Jany Temime talks about how she makes Bond star, Daniel Craig look sleek and modern in suits by Tom Ford.

The video-blog features Temime explaining the complexities of making a suit that would be durable enough to handle all of Craig’s physical stunts, yet remain sleek and stylish.

Temime was charged with the task of keeping Craig GQ-ready at all times and she has a long resume of detailed costume work such as Harry Potter the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & 2, Children Of Men,  and Wrath of the Titans. Needless to say she was up for the job.

“I wanted to give the old look a little edge, because although his suits are tailored and hand made, he should wear them with a 2012 touch,” Temime declared.

 Skyfall hits theaters October 26, 2012

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