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Chris Rock Comments On Bath Salts And Mormonism's Racial History On Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Chris Rock made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Show to promote his new movie Madagascar 3, but only briefly talked about the movie. It all started with Rock not liking the music that the show’s band, “The Roots”, played during his entrance. He expressed his dislike and politely requested a do-over to a more soulful sound track. “The Roots” happily obliged.

While Rock sat on the red velvet couch, he spent more time talking about his past role Pookie from New Jack City, Bath Salts and Mormonism’s racial history, than Madagascar 3.

“Is the economy so bad that people are eating peoples faces?” Rock asked.

Rock went on to defend  President Obama’s political performance with the argument that he had a lot to clean up when he got into office.

“The thing about Obama you gotta realize, man, is that– first of all, the economy’s getting better every month. For like, almost two years. And everybody’s complaining ‘it’s not going fast enough’. It’s like complaining that your team keeps winning by one. ‘How we keep winning by one? We should score more’. Nah, nah. We’re winning, man. That’s good.”

Check out what happened on the Fallon show in the two-part video below.


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