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Chicago Cop Stun Guns Pregnant Woman Over Parking Violation

A Chicago police officer used a stun gun to detain an expecting Chicago mother and the mother. Tiffany Rent reports that she told the officer she was eight months pregnant, but this did not stop the unnamed officer from shooting thousands of volts into her body. Rent is afraid for the safety of her unborn child and claims the officer overreacted.

Tiffany Rent has told police that a Chicago officer went overboard when writing her a parking ticket. Police say Rent was parked in a handicap parking spot at a local Walmart while her fiance shopped inside the store. The unnamed officer spotted Rent’s vehicle, approached the car and proceeded to write a ticket. Rent tore up the document and threw the remains at the officer. In retaliation, the officer wrote Rent a littering ticket and asked to see her ID.

Rent responded, “I ain’t giving you (expletive).”

After verbally assaulting the cop, Rent placed her hand on the gear shifter, threatening to leave the parking lot without a ticket. The officer warned Rent that if she left the scene, he would shock her with his stun gun.

Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told the Chicago Tribune that officers are permitted to use stun guns in order to prevent escape and/or an assault. The Chicago officer did use the weapon, forcing Rent’s fiance, Joseph Hobbs, to defend his partner and unborn child. While trying to help Rent Hobbs suffered a dislocated elbow and was arrested on the spot. Rent was taken to two hospitals for treatment and the couple received misdemeanors.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating Rent’s case.




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