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Jamaican Athletes Bringing Their Own Food To The London Olympic Games

Jamaican athletes like 100m sprint star Usain Bolt will try their level best to avoid a case of the runs… by flying over their own food to London during the Olympics.

The team will fly in nearly 3,000 bananas, 30 goats’ heads and 20 pigs’ tails to their UK training camp in Birmingham – a city already teaming with Caribbean food outlets.

Four years ago at the Beijing Olympics the team couldn’t stomach Chinese food and were reduced to chomping down burger.


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8 thoughts on “Jamaican Athletes Bringing Their Own Food To The London Olympic Games

  1. Kadian Nelson says:

    lol.. they 'bouts tohave some goat head soup…that's whatsup.

  2. Marvia Reid says:

    Is this for real?

  3. Marva, yes. I was in London last month. The food suckd. And that is being nice

  4. Spent 2 tours in England and yes English food is terrible, however, there is some great Jamaican food available especially in London.

  5. sharita leon says:

    I went to a nice Jamaican restaurant when I visited London in Brixton, the food was pretty good.

  6. Naijah Poohgirl Holley says:

    Yes…. I love it. Bring in ya own tings youth, as so we do it.

  7. Alan Mfc says:

    ive fallen victim to chinese food!
    and as for english food.. there's lots of english dishes ect. u obv don't know much about england!

  8. look good but I hope IT WILL LAST.

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