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Brandy Wants Kelly Rowland To Keep R&B Music Alive

Brandy Norwood remembers what smooth R&B music used to sound like and calls for its return with the help of Kelly Rowland, Monica and Trey Songz. During a recent interview with K Empire Radio the Grammy-Award winning artist thanked her peers to keeping the genre alive,

“I think Trey Songz is holding it down. Kelly Rowland is holding it down. I think Monica is holding it down on her end. I think it takes all of us to keep doing it until it comes back.”

Brandy didn’t limit the burden to her peers she also sent out a general request,

“I just think the artists who know how to do R&B need to do more R&B. That’s all it is. It’s going to take all the people that can actually do it that are out there, and hot right now, to do more R&B.”

With the blend of hip-hop and R&B in the last decade is the time of R&B dominating the charts over?

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