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X Factor’s Rachel Crow Scheduled to Tour, Release EP

Rachel Crow may not have been the winner of the “X Factor” in 2011, but she has still managed to book a nationwide tour and will also be releasing her self-titled EP in the near future.

Crow became a finalist for the singing competition show at the age of 13, beating out more than 100,000 other contenders who hoped to make it to the “X Factor” finals. Later this summer Crow will hit the road for a North American tour, performing the songs off her EP, including “Mean Girls,” “Lemonade,” and “My Kind of Wonderful.”

American music producers Toby Gad, Matt Squire, and Jonas Jeberg worked with the talented child star to produce and write the five song track list. The song “Mean Girls” hopes to fight against social pressures and “celebrate individuality.”

“I really want [“Mean Girls”] to not only inspire kids who have been bullied, but I also hope to inspire kids that do the bullying to stop that behavior,” said Crow.

The adorable singer will be accompanied by the teenage boy band Big Time Rush for the tour, which will kick off in Columbus, Ohio, on July 5th.

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