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Iverson Wants Wife Tawana Jailed For Stealing From Him

After finally garnering some positive press from his appearance in Philadelphia during Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, NBA legend Allen Iverson has his personal life back in the spotlight.

According to new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Iverson filed a motion for contempt in Georgia after returning home from Asia to find the contents of his house completely gone. Iverson claims his wife took everything, including furniture, art, memorabilia and a large about of money.

The former All-Star said he had asked for his belongings to be returned several times, and each time Tawana has refused. Iverson would like a judge to hold her in contempt for the theft and harassment, along with a retraining order banning Tawana from his home.

There has yet to be a ruling in this case.

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  1. LOL! Amazing job proof reading this article. You are an amazing journalist.

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