Michael Jackson’s ‘Cry for Help’ Ripped from Auction Blocks

Lisa Marie Presley put her foot down at a Beverley Hill’s auction, demanding that Michael Jackson’s hand-written letter be pulled from the bidding. The letter detailed Jackson’s love for Lisa and need of medical attention.
Michael Jackson wrote the letter some time between 1993 and 1996, demanding a solution to his lack of sleep. The pop icon complained he had been awake for four days and needed to get away from phones and business people. Jackson believed that prescription drugs were the only thing that could ease his disorder.
Jackson suffered from sleep deprivation for years, confiding in Presley during and after their four-year marriage. Jackson wrote the letter to Presley, opening it with “Lisa, I truly need this rest.” Some time after the letter Jackson became dependent on Propofol, a hypnotic drug most commonly used for procedural sedation. The drug served as a quick fix for the singer’s life-threatening illness.
As reported by TMZ, Propoful is the same drug that killed Jackson, but Jackson had been searching for the drug some time before his encounter with personal physician Conrad Murray.
Punctuations are misplaced and the end of sentences trail off the page, which led TMZ to suggest Jackson was unable to function coherently.
Presley’s outrage pushed Julien’s Auction to remove the letter. Owner Darren Julien told TMZ, “I’m assuming it’s a personal nature, and we wanted to honor the request and continue our good reputation with Ms. Presley.”
Julien’s Auction is the same company that is selling Elvis’ tomb. The tomb will hit the auction block on June 23rd.
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