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Bobbi Kristina Leaves Tyler Perry Show, Still Struggling With Whitney’s Death

Bobbi Kristina broke down in tears on the set of the new Tyler Perry show, “For Better Or Worse.” The 19-year-old actress understandably still hasn’t been able to cope with her mother’s recent death and walked off set before finally quitting the show.

“Who am I fooling? I can’t do this,” Bobbi said before quitting the show.

Bobbi filmed just a few episodes for the TBS comedy set to air its second season in July. Her sudden exit left Tyler Perry and other executives scrambling to come up with rewrites in order to explain the character’s sudden disappearance. Tyler Perry told Radar Online that although he wasn’t happy about reconstructing the entire script, he is still very supportive of Bobbi Kristina and understands that she is dealing with a lot right now.

Other cast members of the show recall Bobbi walking off set a lot, but she left so quietly that nobody would even notice until she was needed again. “She thought she was ready for this, but she wasn’t,” another source told Radar Online. After a private conversation with Perry, Bobbi finally made the decision to call it quits.

Bobbi will still be filming her new reality series for Lifetime. The reality show allowed Bobbi to still be close to friends and family and didn’t put as much stress on her as the scripted TBS series did.

“She’s back in her comfort zone of being happy where her mother was and feels closer to her mom when she’s at home,” one source said. She hasn’t spent too much time back in her “comfort zone,” however, as she was spotted in New Jersey earlier this month and even made an appearance at the Billboard Awards in Las Vegas.

Perry and his fellow executives still hoped that Bobbi Kristina would return to the show, but since she failed to show an interest in returning they were forced to continue with the hasty rewrites. Another source from the set said, “She is confused right now. She is not prepared to live without her mother.”

At the age of nineteen, nobody could really blame her for that either.

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