Reports: Apple Manufacturing First Smart TVs

After Foxconn‘s “yes we are; no we’re not” turnaround on the Apple television earlier this month, fresh rumors from China now claim once again that pilot production has begun at the long-time Cupertino partner. “Informed sources” spilled the test production details to the China Business News, or so the Chinese-language site claims, though exactly when that might mature to full production is unclear.

As always, Apple television rumors are notoriously unreliable, as can often be whispering sources inside of production partners. The talk of a full HDTV rather than the existing Apple TV set-top box, however, refuses to die, with analysts queueing up to make predictions of just how near to – or far from – the market it is.

A few weeks back, Foxconn chief executive Terry Gou stoked the rumor fires himself, with suggestions that the company was “making preparations” for the Apple television. That was later denied by the company, which claimed Gou was mis-quoted and that it would never comment publicly on private contracts with those it supplies.

Previous reports have claimed Apple will use the Siri voice control system to streamline operation of the new television, relying on comprehensive vocal commands rather than a button-encrusted remote. Samsung has already implemented voice control in its latest Smart TV range, with mixed results.


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