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Grant Bowler To Play Opposite Lindsay Lohan In ‘Liz And Dick’

Grant Bowler will play Richard Burton in the upcoming Lifetime film Liz and Dick. The actor will play opposite Lindsay Lohan, who will play Elizabeth Taylor.

Liz and Dick’s producer Larry Thompson believes that the two are a good fit because Bowler is 18-years-older than Lohan – noting that the age difference is one of the things that made Burton and’s Taylor relationship so interesting.

Thompson said:

“Richard Burton was quite older than Elizabeth Taylor. This is, from a visual point of view, just about equal to Liz and Dick. Visually speaking it is a perfect match.”

According to Thompson, the duo not only look like Taylor and Burton, but they also have great chemistry.

Thompson went on saying:

“We had seen him [Bowler] on tape and liked him but wanted to confirm the chemistry between the two. But this morning we had Lindsay and Grant come into a room at Lifetime and the chemistry exploded. It was just Fourth of July firecrackers going off in the room. We knew from the chemistry that Liz and Dick live again.”

The upcoming film is a biopic based on Elizabeth Taylor’s crazy relationship with Richard Burton, who Taylor married twice and divorced, twice.

Thompson added that they will make the film as raunchy as possible adding that, “Chemistry means movie magic for sex. This movie will definitely have as much sex as Lifetime will allow.”

Shooting for the film will start soon…

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