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Black Motorcyclists Ride to Honor Veterans

This weekend African American motorcyclists from across the country met in Landover, Maryland, and rode to the African American Civil War Memorial in honor of the people of color who gave their lives fighting for America.

The ride, which began a decade ago, is lead by the Buffalo Soldiers motorcycle club and has members from as far away as Florida and Michigan come to support the event, the Washington Post reports.

“These soldiers were curly haired men like me who performed their duties, and some died for the salvation of this country,” said club member Norman Buffalo. “The Native Americans gave them the name of Buffalo Soldiers.”

Riders, including many veterans, took to the highway with the motorcycle club, which was named after black soldiers who served in the Army’s 10th Cavalry Division in the 1800s.

Mason Monroe echoed the sentiments of Buffalo, saying, “We ride in honor of the Buffalo Soldiers and we are going to continue this tradition and we are going to make a difference in this community.”


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