Will Smith Scared For Daughter Willow To Date

Will Smith is a famed actor and his daughter Willow is becoming a rockstar in her own right but her daddy might be ready to bring out the shotgun for potential suitors. “It’s coming, and I’m nervous about it,” the elder Smith told People Magazine. “Having two boys and a girl, I realize that boys take trouble to other people’s houses, and girls bring it home.”

Like most parents, Smith wants to set ground rules for his daughter’s dating but he is trying to make sure he is fair to her and there aren’t any double standards. “So, the thing we are struggling with is the rules,” said the Men in Black 3 star.  “And setting fair rules for the boys and for Willow, but she’s not having any of that.”

Smith does have a plan for his daughter’s dates. “When Willow does bring a boy home, I’m going to screen him and find out everything about him,” he remarks. “And that’s going to happen when she’s 40, when she’s allowed to go on dates!”

Who can forget the infamous scene in Bad Boys II when Smith and Martin Lawrence open the door for the boy coming to pick up Lawrence’s daughter for a date, and the two, who play police officers, proceed to terrify the poor boy with cusses and threats of violence?

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