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Jamaica 50th Independence Anniversary Marketing Campaign To Launch In June

ORGANIZERS of Jamaica 50 celebrations say they are almost ready to roll out an intense marketing campaign that has been developed to get Jamaicans fired up to support activities being planned to commemorate the country’s half-century of independence.

Addressing journalists at the Jamaica Observer Press Club on Thursday, Project Director for Jamaica 50, Robert Bryan disclosed that the marketing campaign will target members of the global community, as well as Jamaicans residing in the United States, Canada and particularly, the United Kingdom where the summer Olympics will be held.

“The unique circumstances of the London 2012 Olympics taking place almost within the same time frame of the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th, really gives us a unique platform,” said an enthusiastic Bryan.

He acknowledged that activities so far have been low-key in terms of impact locally, but promised that with the launch of the Nation On A Mission campaign set for June, Jamaicans will begin to be feel the excitement expected to be generated by the scrupulously planned activities.

“The marketing campaign is to start in a matter of days (intended) to change the landscape in terms of excitement and attachment to the activity. This will flow into the final week of June when it is expected that the overall launch of Jamaica 50 would be done around the national trials, and that will also incorporate an official celebratory event which is the JDF military tattoo,” said Bryan.

He explained that the decision to launch the campaign while the national trials are underway is a deliberate move to capitalise on the international attention that will be focused on this event, where some of the country’s most talented international athletes will be vying for places on Jamaica’s Olympic team.

Bryan explained that the main celebratory period for Jamaica 50 will be the week of Independence from August 1-6, and will be highlighted by the establishment of what he described as the Jubilee Village on the grounds of Independence Park, which comprises the National Arena, the National Indoor Sports Centre and the National Stadium.

“On August 1, the official headquarters, the Jubilee Village will open in Kingston, and then there will at this point be about 12 other locations across the country that will spring to life on the 5th and the 6th. All of the national events, which will be produced by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission, will happen during that time period at that location.

“The village itself will provide commercial activities for vendors, businesses (and) our sponsors. The indoor arena will be an ongoing performance centre and the entire car park and the grounds will be built out to accommodate public participation. There will be a live site that will show the Olympics as well as carry the live content from the celebrations to and from the various networks,” Bryan explained.

He reiterated that significant efforts are being made to ensure that Jamaicans in the diaspora are able to share in the events.

“Between the 1st and the 6th of August, we have strung together a host of activities that come to a high point between the 5th and the 6th, and the whole idea is to, on the 5th, facilitate the gathering of Jamaicans right across these centres (Jamaica, USA, Canada, UK) to come together to witness the next great moment, which is the 100m finals at the Olympics, and coming out of that, to usher in a countdown to the 50th year, and to have that celebration done in a manner that is carried live on television and connected through the Internet and other media platforms,” said Bryan, explaining that various Jamaica 50 activities have been planned for every day in July.

The project director also disclosed that plans have been laid to ensure that Jamaicans in rural parishes are able to participate in the celebratory activities. In this regard, Bryan disclosed that events will be held in major towns and parish capitals.

He added that people throughout Jamaica will be encouraged to plan their own celebratory events at the community level.

Bryan says the committee is getting significant support from the local private sector, which will be involved in activities in Jamaica as well as in major areas of the UK, USA and Canada.

Also addressing the Observer Press Club, General Manager of Jamaica National Building Society Earl Jarrett, who is also a member of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica Export Trade Committee, confirmed the involvement of the private sector and said that in addition to celebrating the occasion, private sector interests should seek to use the opportunity to position their products and brand Jamaica.

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