Lil Wayne Fires Back At Pusha T On ‘Goulish’

We’ve all heard the saying that what goes around comes around, but what about when it comes around twice? That’s what’s going on between rappers Pusha T and Lil Wayne who have resumed their alleged beef from 2006, this time with new drama.

Yesterday, Pusha T dropped his new song “Exodus 23:1”, which is an alleged diss track to Drake and Wayne. According to, in the song, Pusha talks about Drake and Wayne’s recording contracts saying, “Contract all f$@#ed/Explain up I guess that means you all f$@#ed up/You signed to one n*@#a that’s signed to three n*@#as/Now that’s bad luck.”

Now, we all know that Louisiana rapper Lil Wayne is never quick to back down, so he took to his Twitter account earlier today and tweeted, “F*#k pusha t and anybody that love em.”

But Wayne wasn’t the only one who was firing back at Pusha. Another rapper Young Chop is said to be called out in Pusha’s song when he says, “You can keep your beats, n%@#a/We’d much rather share your bitch, n%@#a, bitch n%@#a.”

Chop also took to his Twitter to say, “Fuck (Pusha T) am on that…Am on that with yo b*tch ass @PUSHA_T.” He then went and retweeted Wayne’s tweet.


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