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'That 70's Show' Wilmer Valderrama Sued For Loud & Disturbing Noises

The star of That ’70s Show has been sued by his neighbor over “loud and disturbing noise” allegedly coming from his Tarzana, California home throughout the day and night, according to the lawsuit obtained by E! News.

Valderrama’s neighbor complained that sounds of nonstop partying, barking dogs, and loud cars coming and going are disturbing him all day, according to the complaint he filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on May 22nd.

The plaintiff, Baruch Eichenbaum, claims in the suit that since 2007, he has called the police on Valderrama, sent him seven personal letters, and made several calls to the actor’s home.  “But,” says Eichenbaum,  “the frequent loud and disturbing noise has continued.”

Eichenbaum also accused Valderrama of flooding his property after performing some work on a guest house in his own backyard.

Eichenbaum is seeking mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering and asking for both monetary damages and a permanent injunction that will prohibit Valderrama and his guests from making noise “sufficiently loud to disturb [Eichenbaum’s] comfortable enjoyment of his property.” He also wants to prevent Valderrama from doing things that would allow water to run onto the plaintiff’s yard.

Wilmer Valderrama’s rep has not yet publicly responded to these allegations.

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