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'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Canceled By A&E

Dog The Bounty Hunter and his hair has been sent packing by A&E.

The network has decided not to pursue a ninth season of Duane “Dog” Chapman’s reality show. The reality series followed (Dog) Chapman as he ran his family bounty-hunting business, chasing down wanted criminals who skipped out on bail. The show takes place in Hawaii and Colorado and had become a big asset for A&E, also being broadcast in Germany, New Zealand and beyond.

Dog as well as A&E, were sued in September by a man who appeared in 30 episodes of the series. He claimed that he was slated to become a full cast member but the network and Chapman breached an agreement and reneged on him.

In 2006, Chapman, his son, and another bounty hunter were arrested on charges of illegal detention after they captured Andrew Luster in Mexico. Luster had fled the US while on trial for the raped of three women. Charges against the three bounty hunters were later dropped by a Mexican court.

According to A&E, Dog the Bounty Hunter had great start in the ratings in what turned out to be its final season. The premiere drew 2.9 million viewers, the highest start to a season since 2006.

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