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Colin Powell Declines to Endorse Obama

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell is in the news because he declined to use an interview on The Today Show as the forum to endorse President Obama, whom he endorsed in 2008.

The rampant media speculation blew the story up into a “Powell Refuses to Endorse Obama” headline, but that’s likely making much more out of the story than it deserves. In an election year, every media outlet tries to pry endorsements out of national leaders everytime they make a television appearance. The universally well-respected Powell—who flaunted with a presidential run himself over the years—is well accustomed to the game, having played it so well in 2008, when he repeatedly brushed off reporters who tried to get him to choose between Obama and Republican nominee John McCain.

“I always keep my powder dry, as they say in the military,” said Powell, who is making the media rounds to promote his new book, It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership.

Powell waited all the way until October to endorse Obama—thus making the endorsement a huge story and an enormous boost for the Democratic candidate, particularly since Powell has been so closely associated with Republicans like former President George W. Bush.

On The Today Show, Powell’s comments about President Obama were measured and mixed, crediting him with rescuing the auto industry and financial system, but saying he still could have done more to help the economy. Powell said he was “still listening” to the ideas of Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

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21 thoughts on “Colin Powell Declines to Endorse Obama

  1. Bernard Baum says:

    What a bunch of twits. I wonder if a white Republican failing to endorse a white Democrat would be news of any nature? The racist undercurrent is appalling……..Oh , wait…Powell failed to endorse him because the incumbent is not what he held himself out to have been ,…. there is no hope and only change is to incompetence and unmitigated hubris.

  2. Anonymous says:

    These people, like Powell & are born racists!
    If Romney had hair & skin colour like Obama, there would be no hesitation by Powell to endorse him! Bloody racist! America is turning into a mini- Africa…. poor, hopeless & unfortunate! being under Obama's administration!

  3. He said he cried like a baby the night Obama was elected….Ok he got emotional.
    one of the black folks had finally made it to be president.
    Now will he go black again or will he go for someone that wear Mormon magic underwear?

  4. Ron Hayes says:

    Colin Powell now sees what a loser Barrack really is! No wonder he won't ndorse Barrack!

  5. Bernard Baum says:

    I cried like a baby ,too the night Obama got elected . ..but for the country and not HIS ONENESS.

  6. Bernard Baum says:

    Unfortunately, that doesn't explain why he doesn't thus endorse Romney.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It seems really strange watching the news cycle.I was going to comment and then I realized Bristol Palin had her comments. I wish and pray for the United States which I love and want the best for.Its good to se the United States coming back and I hope it keeps up.

  8. I don't resect him. He is a turncoat.

  9. I agree. I could care less who he endorses.

  10. David Garver says:

    Powell's cred is on the line for this election. He voted race last time as did most Blacks. Will he vote for competence this time or just fall back on the "give him more time" sentiment. A vote for Obama is a guarantee of a Republican president in 2016.

  11. Bernard Baum says:

    It does matter who Powell endorses since if looking only to color of ones skin , Afro- Americans and others possibly,; thinking of following the "lead " of that great thinker, that moral compass.., Mr Express Yourself .Samuel l.Jackson , might , just might, reconsider and finally think through to what Dr. King had stated

  12. Who cares what he thinks? He lost credibility when he endorsed Obama in 2008.

  13. Kathy Jenson says:

    Update… I saw him on TV and he did endorse Obama.

  14. I've really lost a ton of respect for the man, especially as he's been so mum on Benghazi. I like the guy and respect him for certain things but lately… I just don't know any more. Did someone cut his balls off?

  15. Colin Powell is no racist. I will grant however that he is torn by certain loyalties. He cares deeply about the problems of black Americans and is failing to see how democratic policies since Lyndon Johnson have driven them deeper into a state of dependence, cultural isolation, and social ignorance. He's got "black blinders" on with regards to Obama. But, I can see how hard it must be to accept that the first black president turns out to be a fake, a liar, and a poor leader. Powell understands leadership and Obama's lack there of must have chilled his enthusiasm.

  16. Frank Urben says:

    After working with Gen. Powell in the Reagan WH, I have been in absolute awe of him…. until now. Pres. Obama hardly "saved" the auto industry. It would have been far better for them work out a renewal under existing bankruptcy laws. That's what bankruptcy laws and courts are for. Obama scares me in his disregard for the Constitution. He (Obama) is in way over his head.

  17. Skip Stealey says:

    Why is it so necessary to bring race into the election? I am white, I have friends that are not white, but all of them look at what a person does, how he/she acts, and what they say. They don't look at the color of a person's skin to determine what kind of person they are. Seems to me that too many people think that color determines a person's character when it has absolutely nothing to do with it. I know people of all colors I wouldn't trust with an empty water pistol and others of all colors I have and will trust with my life. The fact that Powell refused to endorse anyone raises his credibility in my opinion,

  18. Dan Jestic says:

    I recognize he DID endorse Obama prior to the election. Just wanted others to know that was NOT true when I first posted.

  19. Obviously you need further guidance from Obama as you have misunderstood his message. I'm sure an additional private speech will bring you around!

  20. Sarcasm man. Obama hasn't solved anything since taking office and won't because he doesn't have any ideas that work. His ideas are based on a socialism foundation and history has proven how well that doesn't work. Actually Obama is half the problem the other half is the main stream media not doing their job!

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