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Conan O'Brien Makes Hilarious Appearance On Letterman's Late Night Show

Conan O'Brien Makes A Appearance On Letterman Late Night Show[Funny]

Conan O’Brien made his return back to late night. Well not as a host, but as a guest on David Letterman’s Late Night Show.

Letterman wasted no time digging into O’Brien’s relationship with Leno before and after NBC’s fiasco that replaced O’Brien’s late night show with Leno’s, and led the newly unemployed O’Brien to take a job on cable TV — Letterman dubs it “the scene of the crime.”

“Did you feel a kinship/camraderie with Leno?” Letterman asked Conan. “We’re quite different fellows and have nothing in common to talk about,” Conan replied.

“There are very few ways — and I’m not saying this in a disparaging way at all — there are very few ways in which he and I relate … we’re not interested in the same things,” O’Brien elaborated.

The two hosts shared many laughs together during the interview, and could not stop laughing from sharing their impersonations of the Tonight Show host.

See for yourself in the video below and flip to the other pages to get the full interview.

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  1. me_nie says:

    I saw this last night, and the whole thing just came off petty and childish. When you get a $35 million parting gift, even though you were su.cking at your job, I just don’t think you have the right to keep harping on something like this. OMG, your boss canned you and brought back the old guy. Its not like the world ended or you couldn’t put food on the table. You’re still doing a job MOST people would take in a heartbeat.

    People lose their jobs FOR REAL in this economy and have to make 9 bucks an hour even with a bachelor’s degree. I’ve SEEN IT.


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