Charles Rangel’s Challenger Backed by Conservative Super PAC

The New York state senator challenging Rep. Charles Rangel for his longtime Harlem Congressional seat may be receiving help from an unexpected source, a right-wing Texas-based super PAC, according to a story on the Amsterdam News website. But the challenger, Sen. Adriano Espaillat, claimed through a spokesman that he’s not aware of any support from a SuperPAC known as the Campaign for Primary Accountability (CPA), based in Houston.

It is highly unusual for a Texas-based SuperPAC with a history of backing conservative causes to inject itself into a Harlem Congressional race, but that’s exactly what’s going on in Rangel’s district.

“Senator Espaillat’s solid record and proven popular support make him a strong, credible challenger who will work for the people of his district when he goes to Congress,” said the CPA in a publicly released statement. “Adriano Espaillat represents a new generation and brings a fresh perspective sorely needed in Washington. Charlie Rangel has sadly become the model of how some long-term incumbents become too comfortable with the special interests that infest Washington.”

But when the Amsterdam News asked Espaillat spokesman Ibrahim Khan about the endorsement, he claimed that Espaillat had never heard of the super PAC and hadn’t been endorsed by any PAC.

The entire matter shows how much the 81-year-old Rangel has been weakened by his ethics lapses, that a conservative leaning group all the way in Texas believes it can make some headway in Harlem challenging him for a seat he has had a vise grip on for 42 years.


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