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'Skyfall': First Look Poster; Trailer Coming Next released a new teaser poster for  Skyfall today. Director Sam Mendes stated that he wanted Skyfall to have the feel of classic James Bond. Examples of similarities between this adaptation of the film and past Bond projects, include the set location, (same as From Russia With Love), and the popular gun barrel background, shown in every Bond movie’s credit sequence.

There are rumors that Skyfall is going to step back into the light hearted Bond formerly of the Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan days. Apparently the plan is to distance the next Bond film from the dark and grittier Bond who Daniel Craig has most recently portrayed.

Craig, who is arguably the most realistic Bond, is fundamentally a more grittier actor.  Nonetheless Craig is going to be able to play around a lot more in Skyfall, while in pursuit of his enemy Javier Bardem.  More details will be revealed when the first trailer premieres online on Monday, May 21st.

Judi Dench reprises her role (of course!), in addition to new comers Albert Finney, Ralph Fiennes, Berenice Marlohe, Hellen McCrory and Naomie Harris.

Skyfall is set to hit theaters November 9th, 2012.

Skyfall First Look Poster




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