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‘Hit and Run’: Hilarious First Trailer

The trailer for action-comedy Hit and Run, starring Dax Shepard, made its way onto the web yesterday and brought with it a bunch of action and laughter.

Hit and Run is the story of an ex-get-away driver, played by Shepard, who is placed in a witness protection program after leaving his criminal ways behind him. He finds himself in a very peachy situation until his old partners in crime find out where he is and come looking to settle a score.

The preview opens up with an adorable bedroom scene between Shepard and his real life girlfriend, Kristen Bell (who costars as Shepard’s movie girlfriend).  Flash to the next scene, and Shepard’s character ends up suffering a broken nose once his shady past catches up to him. After this, we see chase scene after chase scene and a lot of high strung yelling.

Hit and Run also stars Tom Arnold, Kristin Chenoweth, Michael Rosenbaum, Beau Bridges, David Koechner, Ryan Hansen, and Joy Bryant. Aside from playing the lead role, Shepard also wrote and co-directed the comedy film, which is set for theater release on August 24th.

Check out the funny trailer below:

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