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Florida Mom Kills Her 4 Children And Herself In Port St. John

PORT ST. JOHN, Fla. – A Space Coast mother fatally shot her four children and then herself Tuesday morning at their Port St. John home, authorities said.

Brevard County sheriff’s deputies said Tonya Thomas, 33, killed her four children.

Sheriff’s spokesman Tod Goodyear said three of the children went to a neighbor’s house early Tuesday to say their mother had shot them. Goodyear said Thomas then called the children back to the house and killed them.

“The resident says all three children went back to the house, but we know from the crime scene that one did not make it back in the house,” Goodyear said. “That’s the victim that we found out in the front yard.”

Goodyear said the neighbors called 911.

More than a month before the shootings, authorities were called to Thomas’ house on three successive days because of fights and allegations of inadequate supervision.

In the first visit on Easter Sunday, Thomas reported her son had thrown a bicycle through a window at the house. The next day, Thomas called to report that her son had kicked and punched her when she tried to wake him up for school. The next day, child welfare investigators visited the house to look into allegations of inadequate supervision of the children.

The children have been identified as Joel Johnson, 12; Jazline Johnson, 13; Jaxs Johnson, 15; and Pebbles Johnson, 17.


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9 thoughts on “Florida Mom Kills Her 4 Children And Herself In Port St. John

  1. Red Neck says:

    Sounds like Bad Seeds..

  2. Robyn Wiebe says:

    just awful.. what kind of person does this….

  3. why shoot the kids its just awful 🙁

  4. Why did the kids go back to the house after they had been shot. They didn't deserve to die, but it sure was a stupid thing to do.

  5. why did the neighbor let them?! they were probably in shock, but a person is shot an at your door… help them!, bring them in and call 911….wtf?! so sad. sure that there is probably psych meds as is linked to most of the delusional mother/child murder suicides of late. no excuse but a factor, almost surely

  6. Anonymous says:

    why would the neighbor allow them to go back to the house after already being shot. She should be held accountable for there murders.

  7. Anonymous says:

    WHY did the neighbors allow these children to return to home after already being shot. That neighbor should be held accountable for these murders.

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